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    Family sitting in the playroom  

    Our son needed medical treatment far away from home

    The first time we came in contact with the Family Room at RMHC Curaçao, was when our son suddenly fell ill in 2016. We stayed in the RMHC for a couple of weeks, before heading to The Netherlands.Due to his complicated state of health he could no longer receive treatment in Curaçao. We found ourselve... Read more about The Montana Rivas Family

    3 at Avila Beach  

    Our daughter was only 5 days old when we got in touch with RMHC

    In September 2017 at just 5 days old, our daughter had to receive treatment in the NICU for almost 2 weeks. We were able to use the facilities of the RMHC for the duration of her stay and that was a positive experience being in such a strenuous situation. We opted out of staying overnight, but I did... Read more about The Pieter Family

    3 in Parke Leiba  

    Close physical contact was key in an early detection of our daughters condition

    Antuanette was born a healthy child. She was a bit small, but nothing out of the ordinary. Antuanette’s mother breastfed her since she was born, so they would always be in close physical contact with each other. On an ordinary day, while breastfeeding her, she felt a lump on Antuanette’s ribcage. Sh... Read more about The Simmons Family

    Family of 4 at Saint Tropez Ocean Club  

    We experienced great support by the RMHC team

    In 2016 our son was rushed to the emergency room and had to stay in the hospital for a five day observation. Despite the fact that no parent wants to be in a situation where their child needs medical assistance, it was a great relief that the RMHC was there.It’s a good feeling knowing you can stay i... Read more about The Sprockel Family

    Family at Kura Hulanda  

    They make miracles happen when the situation calls for some extra hope

    The first time we came into contact with RMHC was back in 2015 when our son, Odin, had to undergo surgery right after he just turned 1. Because he was still so little, one of us would have to stay with him. To be near him, I slept on the adjustable seat that was in his room.Early the next morning I ... Read more about The Evertsz Family

    Family of 4 at Mari Pampoen  

    The mission and vision of RMHC is visibly seen and profoundly felt

    I work at McDonald’s and I knew the managing director of the RMHC Curaçao Foundation beforehand. We have the RMHC donation boxes in our restaurants and as employees we also actively participate in fundraising activities. So, when it became time that my son had to undergo medical treatment, we immedi... Read more about The Martis Family

    Grandmother at the hospital  

    A Grandmother’s Love

    Unexpectedly I stayed for about two weeks every day at the pediatric department of the Saint Elisabeth Hospital.Naut, my grandchild, was ill for a while. My son called us in the Netherlands, where we live, and asked if we would be able to come when they admitted him for the second time. Three days l... Read more about The Bruinsma Family


    She is known as the 'bouncing ball' at RMHC

    Three months after the birth of Rashanti, she had to suddenly be rushed to the hospital. She was diagnosed with a serious heart condition that has brought me to the hospital on numerous occasions. No parent wants to hear that their child needs to be monitored for the rest of their life. It was a fac... Read more about The Fermina Family

    Mother and sons at Riffort  

    The option of staying overnight at the hospital near my children was ideal

    Both of my sons, Saeed and Raheem, on separate occasions, had to stay in the hospital for a short period of time.On the very first day when I came in with Saeed, I was approached by a volunteer of the RMHC who introduced me to their facilities such as the kitchen area where I can enjoy a free breakf... Read more about The Quandus Family